Open Heart Healing Arts - Experience the Beauty and Grace of Nature
My name is Deidre Woods.  I am an artist, poet, writer and storyteller. 
Sacred Jeweled Art was born out of a desire to express the creative energy within me and to be a vehicle through which the beauty, wholeness and grace of crystals and gemstones can be expressed. 
"Grace in Nature" greeting cards are the newest addition to my art collection.  They evovled over the course of the last three years. Click on the "Grace in Nature" link for details on how they evolved.
The co-creative process of making this art unfolds through me by way of a sacred partnership between my ancestral guides, the energy within the stones, a sacred relationship with Nature and the universal lifeforce that flows within me. 
Each piece of sacred jewled art is titled with an awareness of the metaphysical properties in crystals and gemstones. Each photograph on the "Grace In Nature" greeting cards was titled based on the awareness of Nature expressing in the moment the photo was taken. The title is only one way to see if the art resonates.  Be aware of how it makes you feel, what sensations or images come to mind.  I am assured that the art always finds its way to the person or place it has been created for. 
Enjoy the site.  If you have questions, please fill out the form on the "To Purchase or For More Info" page. 
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