Open Heart Healing Arts - Experience the Beauty and Grace of Nature
Custom Sacred Jeweled Art
co-creative art experience.  It begins with a dialogue prompted by the following questions:
   o   What area of your life is calling for greater expression?
   o   Are you attracted to a particular pendant or stone?
   o   Do you desire to connect with a particular stone’s energy?
   o   Is there art in the gallery that you would like designed similarly?
My goal is to help you imagine the piece that you can assist you in facilitating sacred expression in your life.
Cost Involved:      Initial 20 minute consultation +design sample            FREE
                           Labor                                                               $30/hr
                           Design Time                                     30 minutes minimum
                           Materials (gemstones, findings and clasps)               Varies
                           Pendants (if applicable)                                        Varies
                           Earrings (if applicable)                                          Varies
Call for more information or to schedule a consultation.
Deidre Woods, Creator Artist         323-376-4070
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